Internships and Externships

Internships and externships in our Circuit provide you with very valuable practical experience in determining whether a career in prosecution is for you. The District Attorney’s Office greatly values the help interns and externs provide, and those who work hard and demonstrate a good attitude and the capability to learn prosecution will be considered for any open positions that may arise afterwards.

Depending on where you are at educational journey (anywhere from college to your third year in law school), we will strive to provide you with as much experience as possible as is appropriate for your level of education. College students and those in the first two years of law school are statutorily limited from practicing prosecution in court. However, there are still a number of meaningful and practical experiences available, including learning how to review case files for charges, performing legal research, and directly observing and gaining familiarity with all stages of the criminal justice system. In addition to those opportunities, third year law students should expect to get courtroom experience, including arguing motions, participating in preliminary hearings and grand jury, and even participating in a trial under supervision and when the appropriate opportunity arises.

If you are interested in applying for an internship or externship somewhere in our Circuit, use the form below to select the county or counties you are interested in applying for an internship, and submit a copy of your resumé and cover letter explaining your interest in learning more about a possible career in prosecution. In your cover letter, please specify the time frame you are interested in participating in an internship or externship (Spring, Summer, or Fall). For suitable applicants, if an internship opportunity is available for the selected county or counties, we will reach out to such suitable applicants for an interview.

No phone calls please.

( Note: There are no longer any openings for internships for Summer 2024. However, you may still apply for future semesters. )

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